The Use of Parallel Text in Learning and Comprehension of L-2

Dr. Shalini Mathur

Associate Professor, IPS Academy Indore.

Keywords: Parallel Texts, monolingual teaching, L2, Idgaah, Leo Tolstoy


Any learning in a second language depends on the extent of its comprehension. The use of parallel text makes understanding the text more concrete. This paper is the report of an experiment that examines the use of parallel text in teaching the English language to non-native speakers. In the academic year 2020-2021, two sections of undergraduate students in their 2nd year were taken for experimentation. Due to the pandemic and subsequent lockdown, the course was delivered in an online format. At first, in the experiment section, specially prepared parallel (in Hindi and English languages) was shared and  the control section was provided with the same content without the aid of parallel text. All the materials to the students were shared through Google classroom and some tests were also prepared and administered through Google forms. Analyzing the responses from both sections, it is evident that students from the section studied with the aid of parallel text performed better in some areas.


Foundation Course- English Across Cultures. Madhya Pradesh Hindi Granth Academy.

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