Necessity for Teachers’ Professional Development: Vis-a-vis Learner Needs

Dr. Kabita Ghosh

Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Science and Technology, Meghalaya.

Keywords: Professional Development, Teacher Education, Teacher Training, Learner Needs, Teachers’ Needs


The research paper aims to establish the necessity and importance of effective teacher training and teacher education programmes to boost teachers’ professional development. English language having attained the position of the Lingua Franca in India, has become a much-needed skill without which, attaining professional identity has become an impossible phenomenon for anyone today. Teachers must foster their skill sets and enhance their grasp of the content in order to enable their target learners to achieve their prospective English language needs. Through this research paper, the author aims to create awareness regarding the necessity of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) as an unavoidable necessity for teachers’ professional existence in today’s world.


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