Motivational Dynamics: Exploring ESL Teaching Practices in Lower Dibang Valley’s Primary Schools

Bikash Mepo

Research Scholar, Dept. of English, Rajiv Gandhi University, Doimukh (791112), Arunachal Pradesh, India

Dr. Dhriti Sundar Gupta

Assistant Professor, Dept. of English, Rajiv Gandhi University, Doimukh (791112), Arunachal Pradesh, India

Keywords: Motivation, Primary level, language learners, motivational strategies


The study intended to investigate the effects of motivation among the primary school English teachers in the Lower Dibang Valley District of Arunachal Pradesh. Teachers and the social environment in which students live have a significant influence on young learners’ motivation to learn English at the primary level. To investigate teachers’ perceptions and strategies for motivating young English language learners, a questionnaire survey and semi-structured interview were conducted. The results of the study indicate that teachers have a favorable attitude towards motivation and utilize various motivational strategies to motivate young language learners.


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